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Fr. Peter O'Donnell, JCL 


This chart outlines my assignments since becoming a transitional deacon on May 30, 2009. Out of 10 assignments, you can see my current assignment rise on the list as the longest assignment that I've had so far...

Where: How long: When:
Herington, Hope, Elmo 24+ months June 30, 2017 to present
Junction City 24 months late 2013 until April 2016 except for times in western KS
Salina 22 months Summer 2010 until Summer 2012 except for time in Colby
Ottawa, Canada 14 months April 2016 until June 2017
Hays 11 months Summer 2012 until June 2013
Denver, CO 9 months School year of 2009-2010
St. Louis, MO 6 months June 2013 until December 2013
Colby 4 months Summer of 2009 and 2 months in early 2012
Oakley, Angelus 2.5 months July 2015 until late September 2015
Hoxie, Seguin 1 month late April 2015 until late May 2015


For a series of podcasts that I wrote and delivered, click here.

By clicking, you will embark on listening to various podcasts that were also used for the Abilene Catholic radio station, 106.5.

The program is meant to be a supplement to what you hear on Sundays at Mass. It also is an opportunity for me to reflect on marriage and divorce, especially since I am a canon lawyer for the Salina Diocese.